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Pedal boats

You dream of a walk on Lake Léon combining sporting desire and the pleasure of swimming... "After the effort, comfort!" This is the best way to entertain young and old as lovers, family or friends. Bursts of laughter and refreshment guaranteed!

Toboggan pedal boats
4/5 seats

On board our Toboggan Pedalos you will share wonderful moments;recreational and exhilarating memories


- 30 mins...12€

- 1 hour ... 19€

5-seater pedal boats

The surroundings and natural landscapes of Lake Léon invite you to contemplate in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.


- 30 mins...10€

- 1 hour ... 17€

Maxi 3-seater pedal boats

These light and maneuverable boats are perfect for traveling along and along Lake Léon. Comfortable with their 2 seats at the front, the rear platform offers you plenty of space that can accommodate a 3rd passenger.


- 30 mins...8€

- 1 hour ... 14€

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